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Chris Russell


Shakespeare once said " all the world is a stage" and I think he has a point that I can really relate to but I would change it from "stage" to "canvas". The "canvas" sizes and paintings might change (a lot in my case) but the creative process and drive to "see" what you can think is what pushes me forward. Think there is no relationship between canvas paintings, architecture, landscapes, furniture, photography, music and just about any other artistic endeavor? Think again and see things differently.



Painting a large format mural NY2LA in 1990 for a local restaurant in DC with a very loose theme of east and west coasts with jazz to go from. Mixed media painting on stretched canvas on copper tube framing with suspended eyelets.


Chris Russell 2019 painting in his home studio in North Carolina

A few years of wear (and definitely tear) , just maybe a bit wiser (hopefully) but still painting at work in his home studio - its just what I do.

"Big Spaces"

Architecture sized artwork - Reaves Dr. Residence

Creating What I See

Regardless of the canvas size the challenge is always how to bring about what I see in my mind's eye - sometimes it's with a 2x4 and sometimes it's with a brush and canvas.

Capturing a Space

Its always a mixture of the space as well as the "when" and the mood it creates in that moment and figuring how to capture that - it's an eternal quest.

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Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States

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