Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States

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Seeing Things Differently- Original Paintings

About Me


It seems I have always been intrigued by space in all its forms. I spent many a summer building forts, climbing up into tobacco barns, walking woods and appreciating some of nature's spaces. Maybe a few too many trips to the Smithsonian, encouragement to use a camera and a spark was lit to create. Mostly working in wood and carpentry it wasn't until architectural college at CUA in DC that I actually got formal training in drawing as well as an opportunity to take several classes in the arts, figure drawing as well as various painting classes. While art is not the only thing I do, it is however something I have always done since to varying degrees. I am of the mind that most of us really are meant to do and be multiple things - pigeon holes are not my friend!

 My ideas for my art seem to come sometimes in "flash"moments (a handy sketch book/ paper is essential) but also from seeing other artist's works, photography, spaces I visit, etc. and, yes I still love to visit museums (the Orsay is my favorite), galleries and studios.


BS Architecture 1994 - CUA Wash. D.C.

MUA 1995 - Boston University

Excellent painting instruction from Cathy Martin of the Red Canvas in Apex, and various drawing/painting seminars.